Sex in the Big City

One of our All time favorite shows is relegated to network tv now. First went Cheers. Then it was Friends. Now "Sex and the City" is History. Not Really!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fleet Week in San Francisco - A different Kind of Service

Fleet Week in
San Francisco sailors service frustrated city girls-

Last weekend was Fleet Week in San Francisco. Translation: last weekend there were sailors in San Francisco. In a city were women complain about there not being enough straight men, this is good news. Men poured into the streets of San Francisco, filling the bars of North Beach and stirring the libidos of frustrated city girls. I was out of town.

A friend called, excited, telling me that she was on her way out to find a sailor. She heard North Beach was the place and she was prepared to do anything. She found him, she bed him, she forgot him. Another friend called, she was in love. Stationed in Hawaii, her sailor had swept her off her feet. They spent four days together and she’s convinced he’s the one. We went to a psychic – she won’t find true love until she reaches 30. Plus he hasn’t called.

Whether, it’s the romantic notion of falling for a man that is away serving his country while you suffer at home with nothing but a photo, and your illusions of what could be – or the thrill of getting fucked by a stranger – one that you will never have to worry about running into at a bar while your new boyfriend is buying you a drink. Meeting a military man on leave is still a fantasy for women - although not as romanticized by the media as it was in the past You don’t see many recent movies about new lovers torn apart when the navy ship leaves port, but sailors are still a popular way for a woman to get her kicks – and it’s guilt free. Any sexy sailor stories to share?

The Daily Frustrated Quote: "Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions."-- Woody Allen

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hands Off!

Clubbing last night, I started to wonder if women are to blame for the way men act sometimes. There were to many men behaving the same for it to just be a coincidence – they must be getting some positive response. The behavior I’m referring to is touching. Now for me, if a man grabs me in any unsolicited way, I cringe. It makes me wish that there wasn’t a drink in my hand so I could try those defense moves that women learn in self-protection classes (I don’t know them though). Instead, I scream “Get your hands off me!” Five min. later someone else has their hands on me. I actually had a guy put both hands around my waist last night and beg me not to leave the club – I hadn’t seen or spoken to him during the whole evening! He felt comfortable with grabbing despite the fact that there had been no previous: flirting, chemistry, conversation, or eye contact.

Now, since so many men seem to feel comfortable with doing this, there must be just as many women out there who allow this. To them I say STOP BEING A SLUT! Why are you letting a stranger touch you? Is it exciting - does it boost your self-esteem? Is he really that HOT? What happened to the drink first?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Men Lie Cheat and Decieve for Sex

I'll admit it. Most women are attracted to money and power, and most men will go to great lengths to get a woman - but pretending that you are someone else is above and beyond pathetic. The other night I went to Fluid, a nightclub in the SOMA district of San Francisco, where I lay victim to how low a man will really go.

I was filming for my VEOH segment, "Sex in the Big City" - where we explore the nightlife and single scenes of the world’s cities - when an older man (50’s) approaches me. He tells me he’s seen me before and then asks me how I like his nightclub. We talk for awhile about the club and when I excuse myself to return to my friends, he tells me he’d enjoy buying me a drink later. No biggy - right?

Later… filming with my friends and sipping martinis, the bouncer approaches me and, very politely and apologetically, tells me I can’t film inside the club. I’m bummed and my cutest pouty face is doing nothing. I ask him, isn’t that the owner over in the corner, pointing to the man I met earlier. No. The owner is not there – the group of men in the corner is from a convention.

Gentlemen, If your going to go to such lengths to lie at least make one up that can’t be proved wrong in 5 min. or save them for the really drunk ditz that’s falling over in the corner. Do all men lie to women, do they really find us that hard to get that they find it necessary to trick us? Have you ever made up a big lie to convince a woman to talk to you - or sleep with you? If so I would like to extend a big thank you for giving all the women in the world one more reason to bitch about all the men in the world.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Sex In The Big City

LA is known as a lonely city. San Diego is know for its lack of culture and San Francisco has neither of these two issues but claims many more. Whatever city you live in, be it NYC or London, Welcome to "Sex In The Big City" - We will be discussing the true and hidden sides of living and loving in the Big Cities Across the World.

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